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With Heavy Heart” Jackson Steps Down As Club Partner Director

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Club Partner Director, Neil Jackson has left his role on the Clubs Operational Board of Directors having joined in 2017.

During his time with Ewe Rams, Jackson worked in close conjunction with CEO, Duncan Gibb in overseeing a 26% increase in sponsorship revenues prior to the Covid-19 impacted current season.

According to Jackson a combination of available time and the clubs likely requirements in this area of its delivery going forwards led to the decision.

“When I started out in the role, I’d kind of visualised taking more of a back seat role within my main job in order to allow me to increasingly commit more time to this one; however that’s not come to fruition to the degree that I’d hoped.

“On top of that I’m a big advocate of my local community in Stapleford and have held a long time ambition to formally contribute to what it has to offer to future generations. An opportunity arose recently to become a parish councillor and I felt the time was right to take it.

“Duncan has done an incredible job on the sponsorship side of things; however that is going to only get harder as the clubs ambitions continue to require more income especially given the impact of Covid on the business community.

“As such I felt it in the best interests of the club to step down and allow them time to find a suitable replacement with more available time to commit to the role in advance of the 2021/22 season club partner campaign.

“It’s with heavy heart that I’ve made the call as the Operational Board are outstanding custodians of the club and I’ve been honoured to be a part of that”

According to CEO Duncan Gibb, whilst Neil’s departure represents a big loss, he half expected it and has already identified a suitable replacement.

“Neil was a really strong board member, not just in terms of what he brought to the commercial table, but his contribution to the decision making and forward planning side of things.

“With him having increasingly reduced time to commit to what is a key role within our structure, I’d already given thought to a potential successor and we hope to make an announcement on that front shortly.”

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