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Unprecedented Numbers for Development Days

Derby County Women's Academy Director Dave Cholerton has called the response to this week's Academy Development Days, both amazing and unprecedented and believes it shows both the continued growth of the club and the women's game in general.

Over 400 attendee's will be taking part across two days at Derby County's Moor Farm Training Ground, looking to earn a place in the club's Academy for the 2022/23 season and Cholerton is as ever, looking forward to the upcoming season.

Cholerton said "We cannot believe the amount of attendee's coming this week, it has doubled what we have had in the past and to get that in alone from the county, shows what a hotbed of football talent that we have in Derbyshire and the neighbouring counties.

"I also think it shows the club in a fantastic light too and for us as always its about the development and ultimately bringing players through to the 1st team. Last season saw more players than ever make their bow with Sam (Griffiths) and it has always been a part of our ethos and now its starting to bear fruit.

"We play football across Derbyshire and the surrounding counties and we see the talent that is coming through the system now and its such a great sight to see. Naturally we want all of our teams to be the best they can be and they get great development from our fantastic set of coaches and thats what we can offer as a club."

The Development Days are now into their 2nd season at Derby County's Moor Farm Training Centre and Cholerton believes it can inspire the next generation and that its success has led to interest within the club.

"Being able to use the outstanding facility we have for these Development Days again shows the buy-in from across the club and it can inspire the youngsters coming through the system. Our first-team have this facility to use and it is attractive to players so this is where these youngsters can see what they can achieve.

"To get over 400 signed up for these days is amazing. Yes it can cause a logistical problem in terms of rotating the hopefuls in and out across the two evenings but we have a fantastic team behind the scenes who will be doing their upmost to keeping it flowing as best they can be.

"What we can say though is that we are delighted that an opportunity to come and play with us at the Ewe Rams Academy is seen by so many to be good for their child's development in the game. We pride ourselves on developing good football players but also developing people whether that is players or coaches."


You can still sign up for our Development Days via the link - Click Here!

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