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Punjabi Rams and Mitchell Promotions Recent Support Has Been Humbling

Derby County Football Club Women’s CEO, Duncan Gibb has praised the recent support shown by long term partners, the Punjabi Rams and Mitchell Promotions, whilst also acknowledging the commitment shown by all of the clubs’ partners during pre-season.

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK business sector has been widely documented and has led to companies that would normally look to invest finances on brand awareness having to cut their cloth accordingly. I’ve spoken to my equivalent at several National League clubs, and what has become apparent is that Derby County Football Club Women somewhat bucked the trend in reporting a record pre-season in terms of sponsorship revenues through our club partners.”

“To achieve that in the face of the current challenges facing businesses is remarkable and I cannot begin to capture just how grateful we were during pre-season to our partners new and old. The results of that investment are manifesting themselves in results on the pitch, on the back of an excellent summers business in terms of squad retention and recruitment, however with the main club subsequently entering administration and the knock-on impact of that on ourselves, we needed to map out a plan to increase the investment that we bring in ourselves during the understandable transition period to new ownership.

"As part of that process, we touched base with our long-term partners the Punjabi Rams supporter group and Mitchell Promotions, led by local event promoter and businessman, Clifton Mitchell. The Punjabi Rams not only held a major fundraising raffle that seemed to capture the Derby County supporter network imagination, three of their members (who also own businesses) provided added investment to help towards the final total.

"Likewise, Clifton didn’t hesitate to ask me to deliver a fundraising rallying call to members of the business community who attended a recent evening event that he delivered with boxing legends Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn. The support received from both these partners has been nothing short of humbling and has helped to keep us in good shape during the transition period."

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