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New Feature ‘From the Boardroom’ Launched This Month

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Derby County Women are to launch a new monthly feature titled ‘From The Boardroom’ which will keep the Ewe Rams fans up to date with the latest news behind the scenes at the club.

Since 2013 the club has been run and led on a day to day basis by an Operational Board of Directors who have been keen on transparency in terms of sharing the clubs visions and plans, believing that it provides clarity and therefore a barometer through which to measure success.

According to CEO, Duncan Gibb the new feature aligns with that thinking. “We are football fans first and a Board of Operational Directors second, so recognise and appreciate that the ever increasing number of supporters that follow us ,the parents of the players in the Under 10’s squad, the team that coach the U16’s and the players in the U20’s are all stakeholders in the club.

“A ‘One Club Culture’ sits at the heart of our DNA and we’re proud of the fact that we are widely respected and acknowledged within the female game for it.

“We’ve always been very open in terms of our ambitions, whether that’s been through our club media channels and matchday publications, BBC Radio Derby or the written press, and have rightly celebrated success when we’ve met or surpassed expectation. Likewise when we’ve fallen short, there’s never been any issue in providing some context as to why.

”From the Boardroom will simply be an extension to that and more of a club news feature. In it we’ll update the clubs supporters, players and coaches on the back of each of our monthly Operational Board meetings, where we have directors reporting and covering off every area of the clubs delivery, whether that be commercial, academy, social or media etc.

“We may also use it to seek help or even expertise in order to help us deliver on something, so like I say I’m very much seeing it as a news bulletin type feature and we hope that you will enjoy it and also give a fresh perspective of everything going on at your club.”

The first ‘From the Boardroom’ feature will go live on Monday 8th March, so keep your eyes peeled and follow us for updates on our social media accounts.

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