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KickBoxing Success for Under 12s Lerayah Wilkes

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Lerayah Wilkes, Derby County Women’s U12s player, won gold at the online Cimac Super League British Kickboxing Competition.

Lerayah entered various categories including footwork, blitz and kicking only. She also got voted by the judges as the ultimate fighter.

This title is added to the various British Kickboxing accolades that Lerayah has achieved with Kode Red but these are the first through an online competition, which in the last 11 months has opened up new opportunities to many of us.

Lerayah is rightly proud of her most recent achievement “I love all sports but kickboxing and football are my main passions. I’m missing taking part in them in person but this is the next best thing and I’m so happy with this award.”

Within the Academy, so many of players take part in sports other than football at a good level.

Academy Director Cholerton applauded players for doing this: “We have so many talented athletes within the Academy and as long as they get the balance between exercise and recovery, it can only be a good thing.

“Lerayah trains hard in kick boxing which develops her speed, endurance and agility, qualities that can be transferred and are important for a footballer.

“Lerayah has had so much success in kickboxing and football and as a player of the Academy, we are proud of her success.”

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