• Andy Moore

Ewe Rams Send Festive Cheer to Children Hospital

Despite being unable to visit the Children and Staff at the Royal Derby Hospital Children's department, the Players, Staff and Club Partner's of Derby County Women have resumed their annual gift donations this Christmas.

For the second Christmas in a row, the Covid19 situation has scuppered the opportunity for the club to visit the inspiring children and staff in the Children's Department but the club have today donated gifts for children of all ages, hoping to spread some welcome festive cheer.

Derby County Women Directors Dave Marriott and Richard Pope were joined by 1st Team Captain Hannah Ward and 1st Team Coach Kiran Savage to drop the presents off at the front door with Skipper Ward delighted to be able to resume the annual gift donations.

Ward said "Though we couldn't go in to see the children today, its been our pleasure to drop down gifts to the kids and also the amazing staff today and hopefully it can give them all a welcome boost during these difficult times.

"I've been involved with this club for a long time now and whenever we have new players join, I mention what we do and they are both amazed and inspired that we can do this for the local children and staff, its something that is a personal to us all and is a highlight of being part of the Ewe Rams.

"We wish we could visit the children but with things the way they are at the moment, we want to ensure that nothing will affect their recovery. We did get to meet the awe-inspiring staff today which was a pleasure, we just play a game, these people are the real heroes and people who we all look up too."

The Ewe Rams have been visitors to the Royal Derby Children's Hospital for a number of seasons now, echoing the visits from the Players and Staff at Derby County. Operations Director Dave Marriott believes the opportunity to resume the gift donating in some fashion was important to the club.

Marriott said "I'm delighted that we could pop down today to see the staff here at the Children Hospital to pass Christmas gifts, we only hope we could have visited the children but we know that are being superbly looked after by the staff, its always an important part of our ethos of the club.

"As with previous season, gifts have been donated by all players and staff from our 1st Team and our Under 20's Team. Other donations have come in from our Club Partners at BG Mechanical Ltd and the Team at the Merlin on Pride Park. It's fantastic to see our partners join us for these moments.

"We's like to say a huge 'Thank You' to the wonderful staff at the Royal Derby Hospital, in particular Play Team members, Hayley and Jacqueline, who joined us to receive the gifts. Also a massive thanks to Vicky Carey and Fran Watson for facilitating the visit.

"Hopefully this sorry state the world is in at the moment will be long gone next year so we can resume our visits to the amazing children and staff, it's always a humbling experience for us all. Those kids and staff deserve as much as possible and we wish them better health over the next 12 months!"

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