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“Hugely Excited” Chris Partridge Joins Ewe Rams Operational Board

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Derby County Women have appointed a new Commercial Director to the Club’s Operational Board of Directors, welcoming Chris Partridge (30) to the club, who replaces the outgoing Neil Jackson.

Since the club moved to an Operational Board of Director model in 2013, the Ewe Rams have built a highly diligent team of role specific Directors who have collectively contributed to the club landing a string of regional and national awards for best practice.

The club have moved swiftly to appoint a new Commercial Director and Gibb believes that Partridge will quickly prove to be an asset to the club as it faces some tough commercial challenges in both the short and medium term.

“Chris has been known to me for a number of years, and comes into the club on the back of having successfully run his own business. He’s known to a few of the other Operational Board members, is a lifelong DCFC supporter as well as a regular DCFCW attendee for the past couple of seasons. As such he has commercial acumen, contacts and the supporter passion that I believe you also need to have when involved in the running of a female club. He represents an excellent replacement for Neil.

“As a club we are well aware of the challenges that we are going to face in the coming 18 months, in particular around adding to and retaining our commercial partners and we know that there is both cause for optimism and cause for concern that any club is going to have to face. That said, we are confident that Chris is the right person to work alongside me in meeting these challenges head on and we welcome him to the club and look forward to his input across all levels in ensuring that we continue to move in the right direction.”

Speaking to DCFCW Media on his appointment, Partridge spoke of his delight at joining the Operational Board. “I’m hugely excited to have joined the Operational Board at Derby County FC Women, I am a passionate fan of Derby County and every facet of the club including the women’s arm. In fact I’d go as far as to say that in the past year I’ve become as much a fan of the Ewe Rams as I have The Rams!

“I’m looking to build on the outstanding work that Duncan, and in recent years Duncan and Neil have delivered on the commercial front; however I’m under no illusions when it comes to the challenges we are facing in light of the pandemic and the effect it has had across all businesses who are having to adjust accordingly.

“However, Derby County FC Women are an outstanding brand and one that has clearly built up high levels of confidence and trust within the business community. The flip side to the pandemic is that some businesses will have done well out of it, whilst those that haven’t will need to look to make up for lost time. Aligning themselves to a forwardly mobile and instantly recognisable brand is no bad place to either take advantage of that, or to utilise it.”

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