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We all need some extra help and support with our mental health from time to time. DCFCW is committed to supporting the well-being of everyone at the club so established the Ewe Matter group to take responsibility for this. We want to make sure that our club is an open and safe space for everyone to talk about any issues they may have.


We aim to provide players, coaches and parents with a place to raise concerns and to help them access further professional support where appropriate. We also signpost our players and coaches to relevant courses and CPD so that problems can be recognised earlier and support can be given sooner.

One of the core features is showing that Ewe Matter


ngage calmly and show you care

illing to listen

ncourage with support & give relevant information

eek help from professional agencies

Need to Chat?

Click on the below button and fill out our form and we can get in touch and help direct you to the appropriate resource with our full support and guidance!

Resources Available

Click on the below button and visit a range of resources that can help offer support and guidance. We update these regularly but please ask for more!

Our Ewe Matter Team

Franco Buonaguro

Sarah Crathorne


Richard Pope

Luke Wilkinson


Sheila Rollinson